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Welcome to our belties page, please enjoy the slide show of some of our
beautiful belties.


Most of our females are joined by AI,  at times we have used the
             following bulls:          
Park Perseus  (AI) Mochrum Kingfisher  (AI)

Pine Gully Park Alto   (AI)

Shiralee Moonshine (AI)

Longfield Viper   (AI)

Longfield Roberto   (AI)

Midfern Norman   (AI)

Ashleigh Grason   (AI)

Cumbria Buttermere William  (AI)

Okiwa Frank   (AI)

Wilkamdai Zikomo   (AI)

Pine Gully Park Zickydicky

Pine Gully Park Sires:       

Pine Gully Park Alto Pine Gully Park Des

Pine Gully Park Lord Lockhart

Ashleigh Park Aspen

We have some lovely young bull calves on the ground from our newest
bloodline,  Park Perseus,  a beautiful, well structured large Belted
Galloway from England. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Pine Gully Park Stud
 Phone:   Ph: 03) 5167 1048
Mobile: 0431 144 347

 for further details.

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