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Pine Gully Park enjoys showing at both local and Royal shows throughout Victoria. 
We have enjoyed continual success with our belties with our most recent success being at the
2017 Royal Melbourne Show.


Pine Gully Park Jacaranda - Senior Champion Cow
Royal Melbourne Show - 2017

Pine Gully Park Lord Lockhart - Grand Champion Bull
Royal Melbourne Show - 2017

Pine Gully Park  Jess & Pine Gully Park Lord Lochart
Grand Champion Senior Female & Supreme Exhibit
Royal Melbourne Show - 2015

Pine Gully Park Gwendolyn - Junior Champion Belted Galloway Heifer, Grand Champion Female &
Supreme Champion Belted Galloway.
2013 Galloway Family National Show - Bendigo National Beef Show


Junior Champion Heifer - Pine Gully Park Giselle
Champion Female and Supreme exhibit - Pine Gully Park Giselle
2012 Royal Melbourne Show


Pine Gully Park Fuscienne - Junior Champion Belted Galloway Heifer
2011 Royal Melbourne Show
Pine Gully Park Des - Reserve Junior Champion Belted Galloway Bull
2009 Royal Melbourne Galloway Family Feature Show
Grand Champion Belted Galloway Bull - 2009 Maffra Show

Cumbria Buttermere Dutchess 7th
Senior Champion Female & Supreme Exhibit - 2008 Royal Melbourne Show

Pine Gully Park Claire
Reserve Junior Champion Female - 2008 Royal Melbourne Show
Grand Champion Belted Galloway Female - 2009 Maffra Show

Pine Gully Park has also enjoyed previous significant show success particularly with a highlight being the 2008 Royal Melbourne Show, where against quite a high quality line up Pine Gully Park Claire not only won her 9-15mth class, but also went on to win Reserve Junior Champion.

This wonderful win was then topped by our 9 year old Senior Female - Cumbria Buttermere Dutchess the 7th,  who won her class, then went on to win Senior champion Cow
and the ultimate prize of Supreme Exhibit. 
This was truly an emotional and very exciting time for Pine Gully Park Stud.

One of the Principals of Pine Gully Park - Kerry Hazelwood
with Pine Gully Park Dave


Email:   Pine Gully Park Sud
Phone:   Ph: 03) 5167 1048
Mobile: 0431 144 347

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