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The name Pine Gully is steeped in history, with the original Pine Gully property
 being situated in Temora, NSW, which was originally built up over time by
my grandfather almost 80 years ago. 

However for us, our journey into these beautiful cattle was not until our son indicated
an interest in becoming involved in cattle, mainly due to the encouragement of his then teacher, Alison Hilli of Dromana Secondary College. Alison encouraged Richard to become involved in cattle and the idea snowballed across the entire family!

Our belted galloway stud was established with the purchase of
Cumbria Bewaldeth Countess 8th from Stan Robinson of Cumbria Stud.
Our herd now consists of about thirty head of varying ages, including both stud
 and commercial lines.   We have a closed herd, so the risk of disease is greatly reduced.
The herd is grass fed, with hay as a top up as required.

We use the quiet, gentle approach to breaking in calves at weaning time. Our calves
are not weaned till 9 months, giving them a good start in life.

Pine Gully Park breed black and dun Belties, breeding to aim for
traditional size and standard.

 These wonderful animals look very special and spectacular in the paddock, and are
very tasty on the plate!!!!! 

If you would like further details on our beautiful cattle, including details of
current availability,  simply contact us at:

Email:   Pine Gully Park Stud
 Phone:   Ph: 03) 5167 1048
Mobile:  0431 144 347